My Thirst for Love

What matters most to me matters little or not to everyone

Daily I seek for that which seems impossible to find

At places I hope to find, time and time again

But I get disappointed each time


Each time, let down by hope and expectations

But my thirst never seems to learn its lesson

My expectations always renewed every time it gets its chance

But in the end cut so short it never remembers what it looked like in the first place


I search the eyes of souls so beautiful

Excited that this is it

I have found what my heart longs for

Yet again I blame myself for having such expectations eventually


I ask what it would take me to stop hoping and expecting

How much would it cost me to lock my heart to such desires?

An unlucky fellow I term myself to be, at every juncture I have to turn back

But my heart wouldn’t just listen


My expectations doesn’t seem to pay attention to past failures

Past mistakes caused by blind hope

Blind not because of lack of sight

But because it chose not to see the reality which stares in its face


It always hurts

But no hurt seems strong enough to put off hope

My heart always sliced in parts, even tiny bits

But always seems to pick its pieces and mend itself


While blindly chasing what I wanted

I totally forgot about what had been given to me


I never even asked for it


Yet that which is freely given seems unimportant

Maybe because I didn’t work for it

So it really didn’t cost me anything

So it seems not to hold any value to me


But wait a minute

It may have been given freely, it wasn’t purchased without a price

A price so heavy, not even the most expensive gem on earth compares to it

This price, LIFE; to which there is no known value


Why would I reject such a gift

It must have meant so much to the person who paid such a price for it

It should mean so much to me

It does mean so much to me


That which mattered to me mattered little or not to everyone else

But that which really mattered didn’t seem to matter to me

What really matters is that, that which I spent my lifetime searching for has been given to me



So hope can linger

Expectations can revive itself at every given opportunity

And both can be beaten, battered, hurt and broken at each time

One thing is for sure; I have been given freely that which I have been searching for


You know what it is?


What do you think?

Written by Temitope

Temitope Durotoye is a Hope and Self Discovery Advocate. He is proudly African and loves to see young Africans be the best versions of themselves.

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