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My Worship Room Experience

My Worship Room Experience

What is the most exciting thing that could happen to you in one day?

Well, for me; it is being blown away by people’s thoughts.

Whether in books, conversations, movies, social media posts, articles and so on, I am always fascinated at the boundless possibilities the human mind can produce.

24th March, 2018 was one of such days I would be blown away – I was not just expecting to be so blown away I wanted to find expression.

The whole story actually starts a day before; I was going through the songs for the event that would be taking place the next day – The Worship Room. Expectations were building, imaginations were being formed, I was really looking forward to it. Little did I know that I really had no idea what I would meet the next day.

I got to the venue quite early, had a look around and settled down eagerly anticipating what I had imagined the day before. I saw this guy on a jeans who looked interesting at first but I concluded that he was just the pianist for the events. Little did I know that…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Worship started, it was beautiful… Due to a responsibility I was given, I had to be positioned in one place – seated actually – but I could sense something deeper during the worship. Every lyric had great depth in expression. It was like God revealing who He is, and at the same time saying that we are created to be just like Him. In other words, you are seeing the image of who and what you are meant to be.

Remember the jeans guy I mentioned earlier? Well, I actually thought the guest was not around – I didn’t see anyone that looked like the guest (my expectations though). So when it was time for the guest, I was a bit taken aback that it was the same jeans guy. Pardon me, his name is ID Cabassa. Heard of him? Well, I really didn’t know so much about him until this particular day.

Permit me to call him my Jeans Guy for now because, it said so much about his simplicity. He said anyways that “Creativity lies in Simplicity”. Well, I am not saying that anyone putting on a jean is simple, far from it. It was more of in the way he made so much sense out of very simple things. I have heard a lot of people speak, and often times, they try to make sense out of the complex things. So it was pretty interesting and exciting to see so much depth in very simple truths we see and experience on a daily basis.

Note; not all that is true is truth. What is true is relative and circumstantial, but the truth remains for eternity (ID Cabassa, 2018).

I must confess, I had a number of conflicts going on in my mind about a number of things. Well, being a typical church boy, it is expected. However, this took me on a journey find out what the truth was, rather than settling only for what was true.

So much more I would have loved to say, but words will not permit me. I will however end with this revealing statement by The Identity Coach; “You already have within you everything that you are”. Who you are will not come from somewhere else asides you.

What do you think?

Written by Temitope

Temitope Durotoye is a Hope and Self Discovery Advocate. He is proudly African and loves to see young Africans be the best versions of themselves.

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My Worship Room Experience


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