Is everyone really fine?

Is everyone really fine?

Smiling faces, happy people, talking non-stop, friendly, fun, no iota of something wrong. And then we conclude that everyone else is doing perfectly well.

No one’s got my worries, nobody seems to be complaining. It all seems like everyone is going on quite fine. Not just fine, perfect.

Everyone else seems to have everything figured out.

Are they all perfect? I know I am not.

I’ve got things I cry about, worries I can’t help, mistakes I get tired of. Sometimes I wish I could just quit. Moreso because I seem to be the only one in this position.

I also wish to have that perfect life they seem to have. I admire them from afar wanting to be them or have what they have. But, are we all really Fine?

This is one question we try to answer ignorantly. If only we knew.

If only we knew that the smiles are just a cover-up.
If only we knew that the friendliness is just a way of suppressing those depressing thoughts.
If only we knew that everyone just has to put up a face in order to avoid questions.
If only we knew that within that hyperactive, ever smiling dude or girl, there is the sober and worried person that only reveals himself or herself when alone with himself or herself.

I am not trying to castigate people for putting up covers and masks. I am speaking to you who feels like the worst person on earth because it looks like you are the only one showing your worries.

The truth is, we are all not perfect. We all have things we worry about, things that bring us to our knees, things that make us cry – not just in front of everyone.

However, while some have mastered the art of pretense, some have learned to deal with it and not allow it weigh them down. Think of all those people you look up to, great men and women you admire from afar that you would love to be like. Think they are perfect?

Nah… they’re not. Many of them have actually learned to deal with their problems in the secret place. So stop killing yourself over the fact that you are always showing your worries or your flaws look the most obvious. Trust me, we are all hiding something and nature has its way of exposing those things via the power of time. But that is not where I am going.

I would like you to stop seeing yourself as the only imperfect person, the only one who seems to be drowning with the world on his or her shoulders. Rather, find out how these people were able to deal with their issues such that they were never weighed down or lost themselves in the process.

You listen to the preacher tell you; all is well, and you think he does not understand what you are going through because he doesn’t have battles he is fighting? Think again. This time, not from the standpoint of ignorance.

A lot of em preachers have to tell you everything will be fine even when it is a madhouse in their lives. The reason is simple though, they are a symbol of hope to others. What you often do not realize is this; by being messengers of hope, they are able to access hope themselves.

They preach to you quite alright. What you do not know is that they preach to themselves as well. Their message to you is also a message for them.

Quit killing yourself in the shadows. You will find help if you can also be a source of help to someone. You know how we think that if we smile when we are not feeling too well, we are giving the wrong impression and the person who could help us will see no reason to?

Down with that lie. How many times have you been helped when you showed your depression. The best you would probably get is attention which only lasts a while. However, in working on dealing with your depressive state, you are opening up yourself to true help.

Locking yourself up in this state means nothing comes in and nothing goes out. How then can you be better? Yes, let people also think you are fine and perfect and you will find yourself gradually getting better just because you have opened yourself up to be better.

Remember, You Are Never Alone.

Is everyone really fine?

What do you think?

Written by Temitope

Temitope Durotoye is a Hope and Self Discovery Advocate. He is proudly African and loves to see young Africans be the best versions of themselves.

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