Love yourself but don’t forget others

For some time now, a lot of people have been talking about self love, talking about loving themselves, crushing on themselves and all. This is actually beautiful as it breeds confidence in yourself. Even if everyone else looks down on you, you cannot look down on yourself because you already appreciate yourself.

However, a very wise man said, Love your neighbor as yourself. Here, the first thing you should take note of is that the basis for loving anyone else is loving yourself first. Cos in truth, you cannot love someone else if you do not love yourself.

But this seems to be the part many of us stick to, and we refuse to move on to the next stage of the love expressions. We have focused on ourselves so much that we forget that there are people around us that need love too.

It’s funny but true that someone needs your love in order to love himself or herself. Judge all you want, it does not change that fact. But guess what? When you love someone enough to love himself or herself, he or she will be well equipped to love someone else, enough to love himself or herself. And the cycle continues.

Love begins with God, expresses itself in you and ends with others. However, this is not the final end, just the end to one cycle.

We love God because He loved us first. He loved us enough to love and appreciate ourselves; made in His image. Now He expects us to share this love with others.

Truth is, they may not understand or even appreciate the love you are offering them. Some may throw it back at you in the face, but you must not stop. It does not make any sense that someone so powerful will give Himself up to be humiliated in the worst possible way, just to save the ones that He loved. It is even more bemusing that He went through all of these in the hands of those He came to save.

Did i hear you say, well i am no Jesus? Well you might not be the man named Jesus, but if He could show you so much love such that you can have a better life, then you owe it to Him to do the same to others.

What do you think?

Written by Temitope

Temitope Durotoye is a Hope and Self Discovery Advocate. He is proudly African and loves to see young Africans be the best versions of themselves.

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