Forgiving others and letting go

Forgiving others and letting go

I saw this article on a blog and I feel you need to go through it. It is about forgiving others and living at peace with yourself and the people around you.

Here is an excerpt from the article;

Every day in our lives, a lot of things happen to us and around us.

There are good things like someone giving us a ride or paying our bus fare or surprising us with a gift. And there are bad things like someone hurting us or cheating us.

We also meet different kinds of people; good people, bad people; kind people and wicked people; friendly people and unfriendly people.

But everything that happens to us in life happens for a reason, and eventually they will all becomes memories that we keep to tell our children and grandchildren, and everyone else who is interested in listening.

You can read the complete article here

So, here is the thing; I have often struggled with forgiving others in my life, that I end up blaming myself for what others did. That is not healthy either. And it is not a sign of humility or nobility. I was simply adding to the burden and loads that kept piling up on my shoulders.

Forgiveness does not mean absolving people of the blame and putting it all on yourself. It means letting go of something that someone did that hurt you so much; accepting that what the person did hurt you really bad but you let him or her go – you forgive.

What do you think?

Written by Temitope

Temitope Durotoye is a Hope and Self Discovery Advocate. He is proudly African and loves to see young Africans be the best versions of themselves.

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