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5 Important Healthy Habits For Students

Important Healthy Habits For Students

Passing exams and getting excellent results have become the most important goals for every student, regardless of what it costs.

For a place full of knowledge, many schools pay little or no attention to the health of their students – physically and mentally. Even healthcare students – medical students, nursing students, public health students, etc. – are oftentimes guilty of unhealthy habits.

Even worse, is the fact that many students are encouraged to ignore their health – indirectly – by their fellow students, teachers and parents.

As a matter of fact, if you do not read almost throughout the day, you are labelled unserious. And if you skip school on health grounds, you are seen as lazy. 

This has gone a long way in adversely affecting the health – physically and mentally – of many students.

As such, the need to enlighten students, parents, and teachers, about the health of students has become very paramount. This will ensure that students will be successful in their studies while living healthy and being productive.

Why is the health of students important?

According to Education Wikipedia, while education contributes to the student’s knowledge, good health facilitates growth, development and optimal learning. In other words, a healthy student is actually a better learner.

This is due to the following reasons:

  • Healthy students pay better attention in class.
  • Healthy students do not miss classes, tests, or exams.
  • Healthy students assimilate what they read faster, and have a better understanding of what is being taught.

The goal of education is not just to pass an exam, but to understand to a large extent, what is being taught.

Healthy Habits For Students

Every student must develop these 5 important healthy habits if they want to achieve success in school.

Stay hydrated.

A cup of warm water every morning, after you wake up, can make a lot of difference in your energy levels as you go on the day’s work. Also make sure that you carry along with you a bottle of water to school.

Eat healthy, with a lot of fruits.

The student-life is synonymous to junks and stuff which are not of no nutritional value to your physical and mental health. Try to stay away from snacks and choose fruits, and you will see the effect on your energy and concentration levels.

Turn off your phone at least 30 minutes before you go to bed.

This will help your brain relax, while you prepare to relax your body. When you try to sleep immediately after turning off your phone, you would notice that your mind is all over the place, still trying to process a lot of things before eventually resting. This results in a lack of rest despite long hours of sleep.

Do not compare yourself to others.

This is important to our mental health. Comparing ourselves to others creates unnecessary pressure which affects our focus and our ability to understand what is being taught perfectly. This is because all you are thinking of is how you can be better than that guy or girl in class. Rather than comparing or being jealous, be inspired by them. You can also learn from them.

Prepare for tests and exams at least a week to their due dates.

This is arguably one of the most abused habits in schools. It is funny how we do not open our notes until the night before exams. Trust me, you are not alone in that boat. However, the fact that a lot of people do it does not make it the right thing to do. As a matter of fact, it is counterproductive. This way, you are messing with your brain and forcing it to do what it was not designed for – cramming.

In conclusion, healthy habits are learned in the same way as unhealthy ones – through practice. Your current habits did not just jump on you; you practised them over a period of time, and they became part of your lifestyle. This also happens when you practice these healthy habits. 

You will not get used to them immediately, but over time, you will. And you will love the results afterwards.

What do you think?

Written by Temitope

Temitope Durotoye is a Hope and Self Discovery Advocate. He is proudly African and loves to see young Africans be the best versions of themselves.

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