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February 1, 2021: The Day The New Year Started

January felt like it was a part of 2020, and that’s not surprising. The year wasn’t done yet, even though its time had expired. It really felt like it was starting all over again.

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Not anymore though, I have had enough of 2020, and it is high time I actually started the new year…

I remember January 1, 2021. We met in my house, I think I was already sleeping when it came knocking. Which is quite weird because I am always anticipating the new year. Doors wide open for it to come in when it is time.

This day was different though, for many reasons. Some of which you are already familiar with. I cannot even remember telling a lot of people happy new year, except those who probably wished me first, and I was obliged to say “Same to you”.

All that background information is to show you that I was still living in 2020, even though it was 2021. Guess I wasn’t just interested in geting into this new and unpredictable arena.

After a couple of slow movements, ups and downs, scary moments, tough decisions, heartbreaks, I have decided that it is time to let go and move on. It is time to get into the year, to see what it has in store for me. Whatever that might be.

It’s definitely not going to be all rosy and beautiful, but I would not get the roses anyway if I didn’t try. I don’t have total control over the outcome of this new year, but I sure have a say in it. Also, I have the backing of the One who knows all things. More on that later…

So, for you who started 2021 on the first of January, congratulations. How has it been so far? Don’t relent, don’t get tired or discouraged, don’t get complacent.

For others like me, who are just starting the year, or many others that are yet to start the year, there is no need waiting any longer. As much as there are challenges in this year, there are also numerous blessings reserved for us. Don’t miss out on them.

What do you think?

Written by Temitope

Temitope Durotoye is a Hope and Self Discovery Advocate. He is proudly African and loves to see young Africans be the best versions of themselves.

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